Our Approach


Welcome to the world of collecting. This is a "safe space" where there is no judgement or preconceived ideology about who should and shouldn't collect dolls, action figures, dioramas or other art of the one sixth, one fourth or other dimension of collectible. The main focus here is primarily one sixth but collections grow and sometimes there are some other scales of art just as fun to promote, write about or discuss.

Where did it start?

Oddly enough while on a Board Meeting Conference Call and while listening to a diatribe while perusing eBay I came across a closed auction of a Black Label Farrah Fawcett Barbie repainted and restyled by artist Noel Cruz. I had never seen a doll - ever - that looked like the actual celebrity depicted. This was a first. This was also the beginning of a new friendship and the start of my collection.

Our Story

Once upon a time there were three repaints...

This collection features over fifty repainted and restyled collectibles by Noel. Most are 1/6th scale but there are also several 1/4th.

If you are new to collecting or just curious, welcome! There is a lot to learn and explore in the world of collecting is as wide and diverse as the companies that produce them. If you thought the world of dolls, collectible figures was only Mattel and Hasbro. Then it's time to expand your horizons. Here are the first three repaints by Cruz that started this collection.


Farrah Fawcett

Black Label Barbie, vs. 1.0

Fawcett passed in 2009 from Cancer but left an indelible mark as an actor. Multiple Emmy and Golden Globe nominations she'll be remembered for The Burning Bed and Extremities.

In February of 2012 Noel Cruz created this Farrah Fawcett Black Label after he'd auctioned his first repainted Fawcett on eBay.


Brooke Shields

Original LJN 1982 Shields Doll

Brooke was a superstar at a very young age. Now (in 2017 at 52) Brooke has acted on Broadway, published two successful books, one detailing her battle with Postpartum Depression. This Graduate of Harvard is married with two daughters.

The doll was re-rooted by Cruz and repainted.  A far cry from the original.


Double F, vs 2.0

Black Label Barbie, vs. 2.0

This is the third Fawcett repainted and restyled by artist Noel Cruz. Unlike the first two this Fawcett has forward facing eyes and a shorter shag cut that Fawcett sported after her departure from Charlie's Angels. Farrah Was a true trend setter in the with her hair styles and dominated the looks of women world wide throughout the 70's and 80's.

Want to see more?

Want to see more? There's galleries here and on Flickr. Be sure to check out FARRAHF on flickr as well as Noel Cruz's and Regent Miniatures accounts.  Magazine's are available through iTunes and Apple books as well as printed through Blurb.